Monday, 26 January 2015

Now are are 10 - Theatre Bristol Visual Story Commission

Theatre Bristol logo

Theatre Bristol is 10 years old in 2015. We would like to commission a new visual artefact that celebrates some of the things we’re really proud of that we’ve helped make happen during that time. 
We’d like to invite artists and designers to respond with an idea that we can help shape into a lasting visual document of our first decade.

It might be a postcard, a poster or something completely different – feel free to surprise us.

We would like to receive proposals for something that:
-    communicates and celebrates visually Theatre Bristol’s place in the world: who we’re connected to and what impact we’ve had over the past 10 years.
-    helps to show how and where Theatre Bristol has made a difference, by joining the dots between events, or telling the story of a project or group of people
-    reflects our ethos and the values we think are really important: independence, generosity, integrity. You can read more about our ethos statements in the booklet below.
-    results in a physical object that can be replicated and distributed widely
-    can also exist online in some way e.g. on our website for people who are not able to access the physical object

The audience for the artefact will be anyone who is interested in Theatre Bristol’s work – we’d like it to be for people we already know and work with, as well as a great way for new friends to get to know us. 
What are we offering?

·    £2,000 commission fee (inclusive of any expenses eg travel)
·    Up to £1,000 making costs (e.g. print)
·    Support and feedback throughout the design and development process

As part of the commission you’ll need to have a few meetings with Theatre Bristol staff to draw out the story/ies that will inform the work. We’ll respond to your ideas for how you’d like to do this.

For more information and to apply go here.

Artist Call Out - To Bathe, FaB Festival 2015

Welcome to the call-out for FaB Festival 2015 
Friday 22nd May to Sunday 7th June

To Bathe
You are invited to submit works or proposals (new or re-presented) that explore bathing. Any medium is accepted including storytelling and performance. Works can experiment with the allegorical, mythological and literary or address primal fears such as drowning and our vulnerability whilst nude. Representations and interpretations of swimming, showering, solo or group bathing are welcomed, The exhibitions aim is allow the audience to become voyeurs of others whilst they bathe and create a reassessment of the everyday act of bathing.

It is proposed that a wooden victorian style bathing machine will be built in order to house some of the works, creating a mobile exhibition space that can travel around the city on a Bathing Trail.

For any questions or further information relating to this call out: 
or check out the blog at

A little bit about FaB
FaB is Bath’s only annual visual arts festival. We actively promote and celebrate contemporary art, showcasing early career artists and curators, and those who find it difficult to break into (or prefer to operate outside of) the gallery based art scene. Non-profit and entirely run by volunteers, FaB Festival occupies ‘alternative’ exhibition spaces, from empty shops to street corners.
For full details on all the exhibition opportunities and how to submit works:

Thursday, 22 January 2015

Call Out: Creature Needed, Inbetween Time Festival

Could you become a night creature? We’re looking for 20 mischievous volunteers for IBT15 event The Storm.
IBT15 Bristol International Festival seek 20 fun-loving and mischievous volunteers to take part in a costumed group-performance for art-club event The Storm. No previous performance experience necessary – everyone welcome!

 The Creatures 

You will work with commissioned artist, Lily Johnson. Lily creates strange animal-like figures who lurk in the shadows and hide in dark corners. You will wear quirky costumes and appear ominously at set times, led by Lily herself.
This is a strange, fun and unique opportunity to play your part in a huge art event. The Storm sees the Old Bridewell Police and Fire Station complex transformed into an emergency storm shelter for the night. A hail of international artists and DJs invoke a storm in the club using  choreographed light, sound and special effects.

Times & Places

To take part, you will need to be available as follows:
Dress Rehearsal: 4 pm – 5 pm, Sat 14 Feb
Performance: 10 pm – 3 am Sat 14 Feb (short performances every hour)
All creatures receive a free ticket for The Storm, and will be able to enjoy the party between performance slots. Rehearsals and performances take place at the BRIDEWELL COMPLEX (The network of buildings on The Corner of Nelson St, and Silver St.)

 Apply Now 

To take up this unique performance opportunity, please email with the subject line “I like to hide in dark corners”.
Please include your name, number and confirmation of availability.
Deadline: Fri 30 Jan

Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Junior Graphic Technician - Pegasus Group

Project image 2

Deadline: 30th January 2015

Salary: We are offering an excellent salary and benefits package as well as the opportunity to progress your career further.

Pegasus Group is looking for an enthusiastic Junior Graphics Technician to join the busy Graphics team based at our Bristol office. 
Under the supervision of our Graphics Manager in the Graphics Department, you will develop strong graphic presentation skills. Providing assistance to our Town Planning and Urban Design teams, you will be required to produce plans and graphic material to support Planning Applications as well as dynamic presentation documents for exhibitions and corporate publications.
There will also be the opportunity for website development.
The position would suit someone with good organisational skills and a meticulous, methodical approach. This is a development role where training will be provided to become a key creative resource within the graphics department.
Ideally you will have experience using an Apple Mac with graphics packages such as Adobe Creative Suite and Vectorworks.
Pegasus was established in 2003 and is now one of the leading national consultancies in the development sector. Operating from eight offices in the UK and specialising in all aspects of the planning process, Pegasus prides itself on providing a service that is second to none.
This is an excellent opportunity to join one of the UK's leading Planning, Environmental and Design consultancies, and to make a significant contribution to the further development and success of the Bristol Office.
To apply, simply forward a copy of your CV with details of your experience to date and current package (if applicable) to

Open Call for Artists and Writers - Hide and Seek Exhibition

Source: Carl Warner

Deadline for applications: 14th February 2015

Exhibition dates: 22nd May - 7th June

Hide and Seek will be an exhibition full of hidden works, ready for visitors to seek out. The art works will be displayed in unconventional ways interacting with the space and it's furnishings. Therefore this is a call out for artists and writers who like to tickle their audience with curiosity. Feeding viewers intrigue and heightening their attention to detail.
This call out welcomes any medium, including but not limited to - sculpture, painting, drawing, installation and writing. For instance, I am looking for writers who want to hide their words around a room. Sculptors and Installation artists who would like to give visitors a peek of miniature worlds, or unusual curiosities and collections. Illustrators who would like to see their drawings interact with a space. I am also looking for surprises, ideas I haven't entertained yet.
Artists are welcome and encouraged to submit multiple works or a collection of artworks. These can be ready for install or proposals for site specific works, although submissions must be highly visual with drawn plans of any proposed work (with an exception for writer proposals). Artist's are also welcome to provide their own furnishings for their work to inhabit, which they must include in their proposal. Although please note this is not essential.

To Apply:
Please submit a proposal, artist statement, images (or examples of writing) and a website link to any further work. 
The proposal should be of no more than 500 words and describe the work you are submitting for this exhibition and any ideas of how it could be hidden within the space.
The statement should be if no more than 500 words about your work as an artist or writer.
Please include a maximum of 6 JPEG images or examples of written work. 

There is no submission fee for this exhibition, however for selected works there is a small fee per artist of £15. This supports Fringe Arts Bath, a not-for-profit, volunteer-run community organisation.

Prosthetic Impulse - Call Out to Artists (Fringe Arts Bath)


Prosthetic Impulse

An exploration into the function of the ‘art machine’: constructed devices that assume the role of the artist. A call out for artists who construct devices as a process of creating work. It is essential that works bear reference to their making process, or machines can be exhibited as art objects in their own right.

Prosthetic Impulse - Call Out to Artists

With every tool man is perfecting his own organs… removing the limits of their functioning…  Man has as it were become a kind of prosthetic God… but these organs have not grown onto him, and they still give him trouble at times.
(Sigmund Freud, Civilisation and Its Discontents).

In modern culture, the creation and use of prosthetics is commonplace.  From pacemakers to cameras, we replace limbs; substitute human interaction; even supplant memory.  Man and machine have become inexplicably intertwined in their co-dependence, but it is not always clear where the edges lie.  Even the word ‘stump’ is used to describe both the body that is maimed and the prosthetic that replaces it.   
The blurred divisions between man and machine also bring to light our own behavioral processes; the made becomes a reflection of its maker.  In his film, The Thieving Hand, Thomas Alva Edison portrays an armless beggar, provided with a prosthetic arm once belonging to a thief, and against his will (but not the arm’s), starts stealing.  Such transfers of human agency to material objects can leave us at their mercy, however many artists actively seek out this displacement of authority.  
Prosthetic Impulse’ is an exploration into the function of the ‘art machine’: constructed devices that assume the role of the artist.  This exhibition will investigate the effects of bypassing human agency, challenging the authority of the artist in the production of an artwork, questioning where and when the creative act actually occurs.  It will also explore how the act of distancing the artist’s hand from the creative process can be used to generate chance procedures. 
This is a call out for artists who construct devices as a process of creating work.  It is essential the works bear reference to their making process, or alternatively the art machines themselves can be exhibited as art objects in their own right.   These could range from the highly technical to the unassumingly simple.  Any mediums are welcome.  Work can be static or kinetic; digital or analogue; interactive, performative, 2D, 3D, installation, moving image, sound, or anything in between.

Submission details:
Submission must include artists statement (200 words max), exhibition proposal (500 words max), supporting images (jpeg, max 1mb each) and link to website and/or blog.
If submitting video or sound work provide an online link or send file (five minutes max)
Email Jack and Kate at:
Deadline for submission is 14th February 2015. Any submissions after this date will not be considered.
Submission is free, but selected artists will be asked to pay an exhibiting fee of £15. All necessary equipment must be supllied and insured by the artist. 
We look forward to your submissions,
Jack Parrott and Kate Parrott

Workshop Assistant - Art Sparks

Pay: 10-15k Pro Rata
Part Time
Deadine: Thursday 5th February

Hello, we are looking for a dynamic and creative individual to join our exciting team at an after school art club in north Bristol, close to the Downs. We deliver a range of creatively engaging sessions working on everything from sculpture and clay modelling to painting, drawing and collage. Our aim is to provide exciting sessions which allow the children to experience artistic processes and materials in an encouraging, positive and expressive environment.

The club runs from 3.15 to 4.30 on Wednesdays and Thursdays during term time, approximately seven-week blocks. Our ideal candidate has an interest and skills in creative arts, is kind, reliable and is as passionate about providing exceptional creative opportunities for young people as we are. You will need to have a recent Enhanced DBS as we are working with young children.

Ideally we are looking for someone who can cover both weekly sessions but if you are only available for one of the session days please do apply.

We offer a great working environment, an excellent rate of pay and the opportunity to develop your skills whilst making an active contribution to this successful project.
To apply please send a C.V. to both: and Please include a covering letter of no more than 400 words explaining why you would love to work with us. We are an inclusive project and welcome applications from people of all ages.

The deadline for the application is 5th February and the start date is 23rd February.

We look forward to hearing from you!